Getting Under The Hood

Whenever a piece of software does something that makes me think this is awesome I find myself blocking out the actually software and picturing how it's working behind the scenes »

A .Net Developers Favorite Learning Resources

At a recent Brighton Alt.Net the question came up "What learning resources do people use to continuously learn?", as a result of that I thought I'd write up the »

ASP.Net MVC File Stream, Initiated From Javascript Post

I was recently working on a page that does an AJAX post to an MVC controller passing quite a lot of parameters in the request. I needed to find a »

Entity Framework 6 Interceptors

Interceptors in Entity Framework 6 allow you to hook in to before and after query events. The before events even allow you to modify the query that is about to »

Entity Framework 6 Entity/Property To Table/Column Names

I was recently working on some code where I needed to be able to go from an EntitySet name to a table name and from an entity property name to »

Profiling Entity Framework 6 Queries

Entity Framework 6 introduced some API hooks that you can use to monitor log queries that Entity Framework is generating and running. At it's most basic level you can log »

F# Type Inference

I'm just starting to look at functional languages from an Object Oriented background. One of the first things I thought was quite cool is F#'s type inference model and »

Tools For Successful Remote Working

I've been asked a few times recently how I find remote working and how well it works so I thought I'd write up a bit about the tools we've found »

Entity Framework Fluent API and Indexing

With the release of Entity Framework 6.1 the Fluent API can now be used to create indexes. It's still pretty basic and will hopefully evolve to become more complete »

Rails Continuous Testing

Coming from the .Net world where continuous testing is expensive on both the wallet and processing power seeing what Ruby has to offer in this area is pretty incredible. You »

Browser Based Web Notifications

3 of the 4 major browsers now support web notifications (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) and no where near enough sites are making use of this killer feature. One web app that »

Cloning a SQL Server Database

The following script will backup and restore a database to the same server with a different name. Tested on SQL 2012/2008. You just need to set the 4 variables »

Using Google Charts With AngularJs

I recently rewrote a small webpage in AngularJs and it was amazing how much lighter and cleaner it made the code. The conversion was mainly a case of me throwing »

Debugging Issues With Log4Net Not Logging

When you find log4net is not writing anything to your logs it can be a pain to debug as obviously Log4Net will (and should) never throw an exception. The first »

ASP.Net MVC Debugging "Internal Server Error 500"

I was recently seeing “Internal Server Error 500” when trying to make an ajax call from an ASP.Net MVC view back to the controller. No breakpoints or errors were »